Judging Online Video Submissions




  • Ahmed Mohamed

    Guys, isn't there a way to sort or filter scores submitted by video?maybe hashtag or something I can do a custom leaderboard

  • Rhyder Savage

    I understand how to judge videos and I've done my share of evaluations.  However, in my experience, nothing happens to the score if the video is judged invalid or "needs review".  In 2018 several athletes posted videos which were completely invalid and judged as such but they remained on the leaderboard in the same position.  This year, for 19.1, a video I judged as invalid was judged by 18 people - not one of the 18 judged the video as valid.  9 said it was entirely invalid and 9 said it "needs review" but the score stands and has not been modified.

  • zilvinas.kungys

    I saw the same problem as Rhyder Savage did, after judge a video with "invalid" or "needs review", nothing happens, nor the score is changed, nor the athlete gets any penaltation or warning.

  • Michael Devlin

    Pricesely the same issue as reported by Rhyder Savage....  we judge videos as invalid or requiring review and..... NOTHING HAPPENS. as an affiliate manager I have had to field so many questions and complaints from athletes that they feel cheated when they have to abide by all of the rules and have their scores validated whilst unaffiliated athletes submitting video scores are automatically validated... and we know many MANY video submissions don't even get close to meeting the stated requirements.... it is time to change the system to one where video submissions need to be validated by registered judges before the score appears on the leaderboard.

  • zilvinas.kungys

    In my opinion there should be 3 or 5 head judges per country or state or even more but unequal number, f.e. 7; 9 and so on (depending on video submission numbers and country or state size), who have rights to change the leaderboard based on other judges (with finished online courses) comments and videos overviews. Of course these head judges would have to complete different type of learning or higher level of judge course. Then the results would be more reliable and there would be significantly less cases with cheating or inaccurate scores. Or the video submissions score should come to the leader board after the registered judges validates them as Michael Devlin stated. I now many of athletes are angry with current situation of others submitting videos with wrong scores and plenty of no reps..

  • Anna

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