I submitted a score incorrectly. How do I edit it?




  • Solange Olivera

    I made 5 rounds Row and 184 wall balls

    I appear like I just made 5 wall balls

  • Solange Olivera

    How can I submitted my real score I have my report signed by the judge as proof

    Thanks a lot for your response

  • Jorge Rodriguez

    I did 19.1 149 reps RX
    AND I WENT OUT 1 reps change only
    to see if something helps me to add

    Hello good night
    I did open games on Friday and I did the point d reps then yesterday I came out different number put me 1

  • Ray Burniston

    So how do you withdraw a score? I don't see a button for that.


  • Terina Reborse

    Hi I was just looking back on my scores and just realised that my 19.1 was input incorrectly it shows 5 reps and 5 Wall Balls instead of 5 Rounds and 5 Wall balls Rx'd I discussed with my coach who validates it and said he did not catch it either can I reques t to have this corrected ? If so can you send me instructions how I can do this please ..Thanks 

  • mary parman

    I submitted my score incorrectly. Your help page says to withdraw the score and redo it but there's no option to withdraw it.  Please help.


  • Kirsi Kovacs

    I made the 19.3 as rx, but now the score shows scaled. Can you still fix it? I really wish jou could help.

  • Maryke V Tonder

    I submitted the incorrect score for 19.3.
    The score was validated but i made an error.

    Is there a way that i can withdraw the score or correct it.

    Please let me know

  • Emma Fabbri

    I submitted the incorrect score for 19.3

    I write 15rep in total, but I've done 15HSPU (time break 4'52mn)

    Can we correct it ? 



  • Eduardo Costa

    I submitted the incorrect score for 19.5

    I wrongly wrote 4:17 instead of 19:17

    just got noticed by the affiliate judge manager

    please help me to solve this.

    Thank you



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