Why are there categories for firefighters, medical doctors, school teachers, and other professions?

On the final step of the registration process, you will be able to 'fill in your profile" and come to a page where you will see an option to identify yourself as a Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter, Military Servicemember, Paramedic or EMT, Medical Doctor, Registered Nurse, School Teacher, Student, or Garage CrossFitter. 

By selecting one or more of these categories, you will be placed on an additional leaderboard with others from the same category. School teachers, for example, will be placed on the school teacher leaderboard. 

By using the filters on the leaderboard, you can explore and see who's the fittest school teacher in Alabama or the fittest firefighter in the United States. 

The additional leaderboards are meant to be a fun way to compare yourself with others who share the same career, and perhaps make friends with like-minded CrossFit athletes in your area. These additional categories start and end in the Open.

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