How do I become the Affiliate Manager?

The official affiliate owner, known as the Licensee of Record or "LOR," can either serve as the Affiliate Manager or delegate the responsibility to someone else who has completed the  2018 Online Judges Course.

Affiliate Management Setup Official Steps

Step 1: Recall Email Address on Record at CrossFit HQ

For assistance, contact the Affiliate Support Team at 

Step 2: Go to 

Step 3: Login

Use your CrossFit ID email address and password. Do not create a new account.  

Step 4: Register

You must start the Open registration process.

If you want to be an athlete and an Affiliate Manager, complete the entire Open registration process.

If you solely want to be the Affiliate Manager, start athlete registration and then find where it says " Click here to start affiliate manager registration."

Step 5: Affiliate Management Setup

After you complete registration. You will be able to assign yourself as an Affiliate Manager from your Competition Dashboard. Click "Affiliate Manager Registration" under your affiliate name.

Another possible route would be from Step 4 of the registration process.

Click "Fill in your profile"

Click "update" and you'll be directed to a page where you can become the affiliate manager, join a team, create a team, or go to your profile.

Should you miss this step you can always access the Affiliate Manager setup page  here

Once you are at the affiliate set up page:

5a. Select the name of your affiliate from the drop down

5b. Next, enter the email address of the affiliate owner that is on record with CrossFit HQ. 

5c. If you enter the correct email address, a verification request will be sent to that email account. Click on the link in that email and follow the instructions to complete the process. If you would like to delegate this responsibility to another person, you may forward that email with the link to them.

5d. Remember, you must complete the Online Judges Course in order to be able to validate scores. 

Delegated Affiliate Manager Steps

Step 1: Complete the registration above. After you enter the email address that is on record with HQ an email will go to the Affiliate owner's email address.

Step 2: Ask the affiliate owner to send you the email address with the link.

Step 3: Click the link. Follow the instructions to complete the process. 

Affiliate Manager Responsibilities

The Affiliate Manager is responsible for validating (or rejecting) the performances of all athletes who perform the workout at their affiliate, within 48 hours of score submissions closing each Monday at 5 p.m. PT.

In addition, Affiliate Managers must:

(1) Pass the  Online Judges Course,
(2) Commit to upholding the standards and ethics of the CrossFit Games, and 
(3) Assert that they have the equipment, facility, and judges necessary to administer the workouts.

Those who complete registration are brought to their  Competition Dashboard. This is where an athlete submits their scores and updates their personal information. This is also where you'll start the Affiliate Manager registration process.

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