How Do I Submit a Score on the App?

You can now upload an Open workout via the 2018 CrossFit Games App!

Once you log into your App, locate the "Workouts dumbbell" icon on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, circled here in yellow:

Next, you will be brought to the workout page where you can click "Submit" to type in your scores. Don't worry, clicking "Submit" here does not mean you are uploading your score. 

After you click the red "Submit" button, you will be brought to ANOTHER page. THIS is the page where you will be able to type in:

1. Where you performed the workout

2. Name of your judge

3. Your score

4. If you completed the workout Rx'd or Scaled

At the bottom of the page is a big red "SUBMIT SCORE" button. Click "SUBMIT SCORE" to finish uploading your Open workout score.

If you have any problems along this process, please contact our Help Desk

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