Why are people who scored zeros ahead of me on the Leaderboard?

First, please go read the following article: How do I read the Leaderboard?

Now to address this concern, let's look at the following scenario:

Your left-most position column is based on the total points column, the third column.

Open points are like golf points; the low score wins. The best score on a workout receives the least Open points.

The total points column is the sum of your 5 open workout rankings. For Athlete 1, that is 246+163+212+216+201=1038

Note that the bold rankings indicate the lowest rank possible due to the failure to submit a score.

For Athlete 2, the sum looks like this: 222+216+207+207+187=1039.

Note the corresponding bold italic rankings are higher (closer to first place) than the above bold, lowest rank possible.

Since Athlete 1 has the lower sum, they are ranked higher on the Leaderboard despite having not submitted a score for four out of the five workouts.

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