How can I find myself on the Leaderboard?

Athletes can find themselves on their respective Regional Leaderboard from their Athlete Profile Page. 

You can get to your Athlete Profile by signing in to the  Games site, clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, then scrolling down and clicking My Profile. 

You will now arrive at your athlete profile page where you can scroll down to see the chunk of the leaderboard where you actually are.

If you are trying to find your position on your Affiliate's Leaderboard

it is listed on your Affiliate's Public Profile Page. You can go to your Affiliates public profile page in a similar fashion. 

How do I get to my Affiliate's public profile page?

Once you have arrived at your Affiliate's Public Profile Page, you can scroll down and see your Affiliate's Leaderboard.

If you are trying to locate yourself on an Occupational Leaderboard... need to make sure your occupational selection saved. You can find the occupation you selected by checking the information on your  Competition Dashboard. Please double check that you have successfully made the occupational selection as it could not have saved successfully when you entered the information before. 

Now that we have confirmed the occupational selection, go to the Leaderboard

Select the desired occupation from the drop-down, change to the appropriate division and search for your name in the Athlete search bar.

I hope this article helps you navigate the various Leaderboards, as well as the Games site, in a more efficient manner.

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