Judging Online Video Submissions

Anyone who has completed the 2018 Judges Course can judge online videos submitted by athletes in the Open. Please be sure you have reviewed the Movement & Video Submission Standards prior to judging a video.

Here are the steps for judging a videotaped workout:

  1. Login to games.crossfit.com and go to the Leaderboard.
  2. Click any score with a video icon to watch the submission. 
  3. Watch the entire video and determine whether it matches one of these 3 options:
  • Good Video: Video is valid and the score is accurate
  • Need Review: Questionable reps. Please leave a comment with details and a time from video (ex: "12:32, missing lockout. 12:40, not touching target")
  • Invalid Video: Video did not load, or failed to meet standards (missing heights, weight measurements)

Please use the comments field to describe the reason for your rating.

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