What happens if I qualify as an Individual and as part of a Team?

The lucky few who qualify as an Individual and as part of a Team will have to make a choice. You can compete as an Individual or as part of your Team; you cannot compete in both simultaneously. 

In April, CrossFit Games staff will email you an invite to compete as an Individual, and ask you to accept or decline. If you decline, you can join your team's Regional roster. If you accept, you will be an Individual competitor at the Regional and your scores will be removed from your team's scores in the Open (which will likely affect your team's ranking).

Individual Regional competitors can re-join their team at the Games. This often happens when an athlete attempts Games qualification as an Individual and isn't able to make the cut. If their team qualifies for the Games and wants them to re-join their ranks at the Games, the athlete can do so. The team that you join during the Open is your team all season long.  

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