How do I validate a score?

Only Affiliate Managers can validate scores. 

Step 1: Become the Affiliate Manager.

If your affiliate does not have an Affiliate Manager set up yet, follow the steps outlined in the " How do I become the Affiliate Manager?" article. This should help get you set up.

Step 2: Login to your Games account.

If you are the Affiliate Manager, you must sign into your Games account in order to have the option to validate scores.

Step 3: Affiliate Manager who is a registered athlete:

Click the validate scores button from your Competition Dashboard

The validate scores button can be found near the bottom of your competition dashboard. 

Affiliate Manager who is not competing:

If you the Affiliate Manager but not a registered athlete you can validate scores from the drop down menu under your name at the top right corner of the Games page. 

Once you click on the "validate scores" button your competition page you should be taken to the  validate scores page. Here you will see any pending scores that have been submitted to your affiliate.

Step 4: Double check the scores before validating.

Make sure the scores submitted are accurate. You should NOT validate any scores that are incorrect. Once scores are validated they may not be able to be adjusted or corrected. If you notice a score was entered incorrectly contact the athlete and see if they can withdraw and re-submit a score before the deadline. If you are validating after the score submission deadline and notice a score is incorrect, contact Games Support immediately for assistance.

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