How do I create a team?

Step 1: Register for the Open

Open registration begins on Thursday, January 11 at, and continues through late March. 

Step 2: Login, and go to your Competition Dashboard

Once you've completed Open registration, login to The main landing page is called your  Competition Dashboard. Here, you can make changes to your account such as adding an Affiliate or joining a Team.

Step 3: Create a Team

Click "create a team" link next to Team: and click the REGISTER button.

Follow the registration process. 

Once you register the Team you automatically become listed as the Team Manager. If you would like to transfer this responsibility to someone else contact

Naming. You will have the option to bring back a team name from last year or create a new team name. Be aware that this is the name that CrossFit analysts will use to refer to your team, so abbreviations (for example CFMV instead of CrossFit Mountain View) or names unrelated to your affiliate's name (for example: Jacked and Tan) will mean that your affiliate's name won't be stated as frequently in media or at public competitions. Secondly, you'll want a team name that's easy for your members to type in and find. 

Payment. It costs US$20 to register a team. This fee is applied only to the person who registers the team. Your teammates can join the team at no extra cost.

Step 4: Join Team

Athletes at your affiliate will be able to see all registered teams on their  Competition Dashboard. Encourage your potential teammates to join your team. 

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