I'm 14-17, but I want to compete as an Individual or part of a Team. How do I do that?

Teenagers in the 16-17 year old division will appear in both the Individual division as well as their age division. Teenagers 16-17 will perform the same version of workouts as Individuals so they are eligible to compete at as an Individual or contribute scores for their team. 

Teenagers in the 14-15 division should contact the Games Support Team at support@crossfitgames.com to request a change of division. You will need to compete in the Individual Division, completing the same versions of the workouts as adult men or women, in order to compete individually or contribute scores to your team. 

Please note that by removing yourself from the Teenage Division, you will not be in contention for the Teenage Online Qualifier or the Teenage Competition at the CrossFit Games. 

This change must be made prior to the close of score submissions for Open Workout 18.1.

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