Why are people who scored zeros ahead of me on the Leaderboard?

First, please go read the following article: How do I read the Leaderboard?

Now to address this concern, let's look at the following scenario:

Your left-most position column is based on the total points column, the third column.

Open points are like golf points; the low score wins. The best score on a workout receives the least Open points.

The total points column is the sum of your 5 open workout rankings. For Athlete 1, that is 246+163+212+216+201=1038

Note that the bold rankings indicate the lowest rank possible due to the failure to submit a score.

For Athlete 2, the sum looks like this: 222+216+207+207+187=1039.

Note the corresponding bold italic rankings are higher (closer to first place) than the above bold, lowest rank possible.

Since Athlete 1 has the lower sum, they are ranked higher on the Leaderboard despite having not submitted a score for four out of the five workouts.

The bottom line is that this format of scoring is new this year. In years past, if an athlete did not log a score for the workout, they would receive an incomplete and not have a position on the overall Leaderboard. This year, the athlete receives a zero, the lowest possible score, but remains ranked on the Leaderboard. 

Don't be discouraged by athletes who have zeros for scores but appear higher on the leaderboard. They're just the people who couldn't submit all of their workouts in a timely fashion.

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