Which age division do I register under?

Everyone is placed in an age division based on their date of birth listed on their CrossFit ID.

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 34 will be placed solely in the Individual Men's and Women's divisions. 

The other age division cut-off dates can be found in the  Rulebook

  • Teenage Boys and Girls 14-15 (Born on or between 07/15/2001 and 02/27/2003) Note: Athletes in this division must be 14 years of age or older as of 02/27/2017 but not older than 15 as of 7/15/2017.
  • Teenage Boys and Girls 16-17 (Born on or between 07/15/1999 and 07/14/2001)
  • Masters Men and Women 35-39 (Born on or between 7/15/77 and 7/14/82)
  • Masters Men and Women 40-44 (Born on or between 7/15/72 and 7/14/77)
  • Masters Men and Women 45-49 (Born on or between 7/15/67 and 7/14/72)
  • Masters Men and Women 50-54 (Born on or between 7/15/62 and 7/14/67)
  • Masters Men and Women 55-59 (Born on or between 7/15/57 and 7/14/62)
  • Masters Men and Women 60+ (Born on or before 7/14/57)

You don't need to worry about doing any special calculations as the Games website will do this for you when you register. 

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