How do the team scores work during the Open?

Team scores will ultimately be the aggregate of the top three (3) male and top three (3) female performances posted by team members in the prescribed version of a particular workout.

For example, let's look at Team CrossFit Mayhem Freedom's score on Open Workout 16.3. 

Team Score: 717 reps

Female 1: Lindy Barber, 114 reps
Female 2: Kristin Reffett, 112 reps
Female 3: Kassandra Aveni, 102 reps
Male 1: Rich Froning, 140 reps
Male 2: Matt Hewett, 125 reps
Male 3: James Hobart, 124 reps

Their team's score is equal to the sum of teammates' scores (114 + 112 + 102 + 140 + 125 + 124 = 717).

To contribute to the team's score, an athlete must be on the team's roster and must complete the same variation of the week's workout as the Individual Division (Rx'd). The youngest teenage division (14-15) and older masters divisions (55+) often complete a different version of the week's workout, and therefore cannot contribute to the team's total. 

More information regarding team scores can be found in the  2017 Rulebook

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