Can I compete in multiple divisions at once?


Here are possible combinations in the Open:

  • Individual + Team
  • Individual + Masters (ages 35 - 54) 
  • Individual + Masters (ages 35 - 54) + Team

Teenagers and Older Masters cannot compete in multiple divisions at once since their age division often completes different variations of the Open workout. To compete with the Individuals, for example, an athlete must always do the same variation of the Open workout as the Individuals.

Competing in multiple divisions at once gets more complicated after the Open. Athletes cannot compete individually and as part of a team at Regionals; they have to choose one or the other. Athletes can compete in the Masters Online Qualifier and then later compete at Regionals (as part of a team, or individually). Keep in mind that the Individual and Team competitions happen simultaneously at Regionals, while the Masters Online Qualifier happens weeks earlier. The time gap is what makes it possible for Masters to do both. 

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